Tuesday, January 26, 2016

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http://murrietachiropractic.com "Sub" pertains to less-than and "luxation" is the root for dislocation. So subluxation implies that the bones are out of alignment but not fully dislocated, they are "locked" in position. This is done by the body to shield the nerves going out of the spine. Excessive movement in the vertebra could severe the nerve which could paralyze you.

The body protects itself by locking down the vertebra whenever it detects stress, weakness or trauma and naturally releases these "locking" mechanisms when we sleep. Having said that, with repeated stress, weakness or trauma the body will lock down on a continued basis, causing disruption to the nerves travelling through these vertebrae. The body develops patterns to address these subluxations on a daily basis and a blueprint of disease ensues.

These subluxations are set straight by gentle chiropractic adjustments. Physical therapy, massage, and medication cannot change the blueprinting or patterning of the nerve system. By clearing away the pressure on the nerves, functional nerve communication is restored, and the body's ability to heal is reestablished.

One other concern is that subluxations do not always trigger discomfort or pain, but still diminish the body's nerve supply, which in turn produces intermittent communication inside the body. Regular Principled chiropractic appointments guarantee that no "undetected" subluxations are left unattended.


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